As are all round experts in vehicle performance upgrades in Glasgow. We can build custom exhausts for all types of vehicles expertly and affordable. We can also do a remap of your vehicles ECU to unleash your engines full potential.

Aside from this, as experienced mechanics, we can also do a variety of other performance upgrades to your vehicle to further increase its performance.

This can be anything from fitting

  • High performance shocks, springs and coil over springs.
  • Larger anti roll bars
  • Stiffer motor mounts
  • Performance seats
  • High temperature break pads and brakes
  • Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • Improved cold air Intake Kits
    And so much more

These types of vehicle upgrades are only the tip of the iceberg in what we can do to make your car so much better at driving and handling well.

Call us on 01414290919 to get a quote and or discuss your requirements.